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24% solids acrylic admixture bonding liquid for interior and exterior applications. Exhibits improved water resistance than poly vinyl acrylics.

Acrylic Based Bonding Agent
Improves Bond Strength
Reduced Permeability
Available In Concentrate



B-20 is re-emulsifiable liquid acrylic co-polymer latex used to improve the physical properties, cure and adhesion of cement based coatings, toppings, grouts mortars and overlayments/underlayments. B-20. may be used as a bonding agent for binding fresh concrete or cementitious materials to existing, properly prepared concrete surfaces. B-20 will seal the concrete substrate preventing water loss and resulting shrinkage in the subsequent topping or coating. B-20. will greatly improve bond and flexural strengths of thinly placed underlayments and overlayments which will increase their long term durability. B-20 may be used for both interior and exterior applications.


  • Increases tensile, flexural, compressive & adhesive (bond) strengths.
  • Seals substrate base to promote adhesion of coatings, underlayments or patching materials.
  • Improves water repellent properties and resistance to freeze-thaw cycling.
  • Reduces shrinkage and cracking.
  • Improves curing in warm weather.
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