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Offers all of the advantages of high grade commercial cleaners and degreasers in a pH neutral base and a 100% Green solution.


Neutro Clean is organically enhanced with an almond scented fragrance and provides an excellent daily maintenance program for long term sanitation solutions. Neutro Clean uses high quality organic compounds and is an ideal cleaner for all types of hard flooring and concrete surfaces. Ideal uses are for concrete, terrazzo, and stone tile floors, commercial concrete flatwork or decorative stamping exposed to high traffic such as terminals, lobbies, showroom floors, restaurants, schools, malls, as well as residential living spaces.


  • A highly concentrated, neutral pH based floor cleaner.
  • Excellent degreaser and emulsifier.
  • Easily rinsed off with no film residue.
  • Enhances surface gloss with or without high speed buffing.
  • 100% green solution, completely bio-degradable with low toxicity.

COVERAGE:  Approximately 6,400-12,500 square feet per gallon depending on dilution rate chosen.

DILUTION RATE:  For light duty or routine surface cleaning, use 2 oz of Neutro Clean to 1 gallon of water. No rinsing is needed for light duty maintenance dilution. For a deeper clean or for only periodic scheduled cleanings, use up to 3 to 4 oz of Neutro Clean per gallon of water. Make sure to rinse well after deep cleaning with water, and do not let puddles or concentrated cleaner dry on the floor. On heavy oil spots or direct oil spills, you may pre-soak the stain with a 1:1 diluted mix to assist in faster break down and emulsification of the contaminants or use Citrus Solve C-25 as a removal option for stubborn oil stains.

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