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Boxed kit to repair up to 10 feet of vertical concrete crack.  Kit includes 2 - 10oz universal flex foam cartridges, 2 nozzles, epoxy surface paste, 12 injection ports, gloves, plastic trowel, and both written instructions and instructional CD.


U-Mix® Flex Foam Wall Crack Repair Kit contains all the materials needed to inject and seal 10 feet of vertical concrete wall crack. The information for waterproofing cracks in poured concrete has been compiled from several professional sources and is listed here as a recommended guideline.


  • Contains all the materials needed in one kit
  • Easy to follow step by step CD instruction
  • Permanently stops water intrusion through the crack
  • Flex foam permanently seals the crack and expands with any future wall movements


  • 2- 10 ounce U-Mix® Flex Foam Urethane Injection resin in Universal (single gun) cartridges
  • 2 application nozzles for above cartridges
  • 1-Pint Unit (2-8 ounce jars-components A&B) of Removable U-Mix® Surface Paste and Port Adhesive
  • 1 plastic trowel for applying the Surface Seal Adhesive
  • 12- Injection surface ports and caps
  • 2 pairs rubber gloves
  • Instructional CD with visual instruction for easy installation
  • Written Instructions

TOOLS REQUIRED: Standard caulking gun (single component)

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