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Speccrete® SHB-200AP is a single component, ready to use, multi-purpose, polymer modified, cementitious repair mortar designed for general repairs to concrete, mortar and masonry substrates. Speccrete® SHB- 200AP may be used interior or exterior, in horizontal, vertical or overhead applications for repair to bridges, precast concrete, industrial plants, building facades, etc. using either a low pressure wet spray process or hand troweling methods. Speccrete® SHB-200AP is pre-blended for ideal consistency and formulated with low density, lightweight aggregates to allow high build applications on vertical and overhead surfaces. Speccrete® SHB-200AP contains a polymer latex additive that will improve bond strength and eliminate the need for a separate two component liquid additive. 


  • Polymer modified for improved bond.
  • Light weight formulation provides high yield.
  • Low wet mix density allows application up to 3” on vertical surfaces in one layer.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Low permeability provides excellent freeze / thaw resistance.

COMPOSITION: Proprietary blend of cement, plasticizers, silica fume, latex polymer, rheology modifying additives and selected aggregates for weight reduction, improved finishing, and shrinkage compensation. This product contains no calcium chloride or intentionally added chlorides that contribute to reinforcement steel corrosion.

FREIGHT CLASS: Item 42130, Sub 0, LTL 50

AVAILABLE IN: 50 lb. (22.70 kg) bags

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