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DRYCRETE Rebar Protector


DRYCRETE Rebar Protector offers an environmentally friendly long term solution to protect embedded steel in concrete surfaces,Rebar Protector offers an environmentally friendly long term solution to protect embedded steel in concrete surfaces,without sacrificing the integrity of the concrete in any way. It provides all of the benefits of DRYCRETE permanent moisture control,with additional ingredients to actively seek out the surface of the internally embedded steel (rebar) and halt corrosive deterioration,while providing a permanent and effective barrier against continued corrosion of the steel.


  • Exhibits deep penetration – from 3” to 5” or more – based on concrete porosity and/or permeability.
  • Eliminates of greatly reduces soluble chloride without affecting insoluble chloride or reducing pH value.
  • Neutralizes hydrochloric acid & other catalysts needed to promote oxidation‐reduction reaction (corrosion).
  • Arrests and / or prevents corrosion on embedded steel.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure that the surface to be treated is free of any previously applied sealers and other porosity clogging material. The recommended application of DRYCRETE™ Rebar Protector utilizes an airless sprayer with a fan‐style tip.

COVERAGE RATES: The estimated coverage rate is 100 sq. ft./ gallon. This is the average coverage rate of two applications at 200 sq. ft./gallon.

COVERAGE: Apply DRYCRETE™ Rebar Protector at an application rate of approximately 200 sq ft/gallon, or to the point of saturation, whicheveris greater. Once the application is complete, a second application is required to ensure the maximum amount of protection forembedded rebar/steel reinforcement. Application should begin at the lowest point in elevation and work towards the highest point,overlapping spray patterns 20% ‐ 30%.

CAUTIONS: Do not apply DRYCRETE™ Rebar Protector to any frozen substrate or while the ambient temperature is near freezing. DRYCRETE™Rebar Protector will etch glass and dull shiny aluminum if not removed immediately after contact and is extremely difficult to removefrom surfaces if the product is allowed to puddle and dry.

AVAILABLE IN:  1 Gallon (3.78 L), 5 Gallon (18.9 L) pails, 55 gallon (208 L) drums, and 265 gallon tote (1000L)

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