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  • ECOGUARD Color Infusion is a concentrate which is diluted 1:7 parts by volume with potable water. Color Infusion is intended to be applied by spray using a conical fine spray tip equipped pump-up sprayer or a standard fan tip and spread by synthetic microfiber applicator. Spray Color Infusion at a rate of about 400 to 600 SF per gallon

  • A unique, GREEN deeply penetrating water based dye concentrate coloring system. Ocera Color Blast's proprietary formulation transforms traditional dyes into water soluble dye solutions.

  • A eco-friendly, non-hazardous "green" semi-translucent pigmented formulations designed to provide color alteration to residential or commercial concrete flooring.

  • A eco-friendly, non hazardous "green" organic salts obtained from natural and botanical (plant) sources which react quickly with the concrete surface just like acid type stains.

  • Water based, breathable, semi-transparent formulations designed to color to concrete and masonry structures, while retaining both the texture and the natural characteristic of the surface.

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