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ECOGUARD Color Infusion


ECOGUARD Color Infusion is a water soluble concentrate which offers all of the advantages of solvent based dye solutions, with none of the dangers of fumes or flammability issues. Color Infusion dyes are designed to penetrate well into the concrete matrix, and polished to a high level resin, with minimal to no color loss. Color Infusion is a sustainable, long lasting, easy to apply and maintain, color medium. Color Infusion uses high quality organic dyes, and is not recommended for use in exterior applications. Ideal uses are for polished concrete floors, commercial concrete flatwork or decorative stamping exposed to high traffic such as terminals, lobbies, showroom floors, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, malls, as well as residential kitchen floors, and living spaces. Color Infusion can also be used on concrete countertops, and polished or sealed with approved countertop sealers or waxes such as Concrete Earth Counter Shine Wax.


  • A deep penetrating water soluble dye that is water insoluble once dry.
  • Easy to apply by construction grade pump up sprayer - no acetone resistant sprayer required.
  • Sprayer can be cleaned with water only, no hazardous chemicals to dispose of.
  • Excellent color retention under concrete polishing applications, both wet and dry.
  • Deep, brilliant color schemes available in 24 shades.Water base formula is safer to use than traditional solvent based dyes.
  • Environmentally friendly formula qualifies for LEED accredited projects.
  • Very low VOC content ,no related flammability hazards during shipping or application.

COVERAGE: Approximately 400-600 square feet per gallon (37-55 sq meters/liter)

AVAILABLE IN: 1 pint bottles (8 pints /case), or 5 gallon pails

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