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Uresheen 30 is a clear, high solids, water based urethane-acrylic sealer designed for use on interior or exterior concrete floors, slabs and precast, concrete pavers, decorative (stamped) or both acid/acrylic stained concrete. 


Uresheen 30 is a clear, high solids, water‐based urethane‐acrylic sealer designed for use on interior or exterior concrete floors, slabsand precast, concrete pavers, decorative (stamped) or both acid/acrylic stained concrete. Uresheen 30 provides a high gloss sheen tothe coated surface and will not darken the substrate appearance unlike solvent based options. Uresheen 30 provides excellentchemical and abrasion resistance when cured due to the harder film obtained. Uresheen 30 exhibits resistance against re‐hydrolysis(rewetting) and will not turn white on applications exposed to high water contact.

COMPOSITION: Urethane‐acrylic copolymer emulsion.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Treated concrete surfaces should be fully cured for a recommended 28 days before sealing. Apply Uresheen 30to clean, structurally sound concrete surfaces, using a sheepskin or lamb’s wool roller. Uresheen 30 should be applied uniformly tothe surface to the point of saturation, avoiding puddles and runs. The coverage rate will vary with the absorption rate of the concrete.The approximate coverage rate is 150‐200 square per gallon for the first coat and 250‐350 square feet per gallon for the second coat.Drying time @ 75° F is approximately two hours. Protect the freshly coated surface from dust, rain, condensation, and traffic whiledrying. The coated area may be opened to foot traffic in one day and vehicular traffic in three days. Tools may be cleaned with soapand water immediately following use.

CAUTIONS: Do not walk on newly sealed surface for a minimum of 24 hours at temperatures above 65° and 48 hours for temperaturesbelow 65°. Restrict driving on substrate for a minimum of 72 hours. Do not apply Uresheen 30 when the temperature is below 40° F.Do not apply to frozen or frost filled surfaces. Do not apply when rain is expected within twelve hours of the application. Due to thehardness of the cured Uresheen 30 film, treated surfaces may become slippery under certain conditions. The use of Specco Spec Gripslip resistant additive is recommended for applications involving inclines, or around pools or other wet/dry areas to improve traction.For spray applications, a nylon or fine mesh type pre‐filter can be applied to the intake hose to keep any polymer surface “skinning”particles (common to waterborne acrylics exposed to open air) from entering the chamber and leading to a possible plugged sprayertip. A test area is always recommended before application to questionable or extremely porous surfaces to ensure proper film bondand cure. Do not apply to Blue Stone due to chance of hazing or whitening from excessive moisture release. Do not dilute or thin.

H.M.I.S. CODES (Hazardous Materials Identification System): HEALTH = 1, FLAMMABILITY = 0, REACTIVITY = 0, PERS. PROT = C Glasses, Gloves, Protective clothing

PACKAGING: 1, 5, & 55‐gallon containers

FREIGHT CLASS: ITEM 33880, Sub 2, Freight Class 55

SHIPPING NAME: Concrete Sealer‐Water Base ‐ Not regulated

STORAGE: 40° to 90° F. Protect from freezing.

SHELF LIFE: 1 year properly stored


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