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ECOGUARD Pore Filler

An incredible time saver and concrete “evener”. Simply put, it represents a major breakthrough in a one step densification and hardening process, combined with a thermally reactive water borne resin which reacts with the ground cement, and creates a paste, filling all pores, depressions, and small cracks up to 5 mm in depth/width. 


ECOGUARD Pore Filler is a combination of silicates and specialty resin which hardens and densifies the concrete surface, while filling surface pores and small craze cracks. Pore Filler is easy to apply and provides a clear, abrasive resistant finish which is designed to protect and enhance the mechanical surface gloss of polished concrete floors and withstand heavy pedestrian traffic. It acts as a renewable wearing surface to maintain the integrity of the polished surface while providing increased gloss and excellent clarity. Ideal uses are for polished concrete, cement based terrazzo, and self-leveling wear surfaces, exposed to high traffic such as terminals, lobbies, showroom floors, restaurants, schools, malls, as well as residential kitchen floors, and living spaces.


  • Surface hardener and densifier.
  • Fills surface pores and small depressions and cracks up to 5 mm in depth and width.
  • Formulated using a proprietary resin compound which reacts with silicates and free alkali.
  • Finishes to a high surface tension with no visible surface pores.
  • Micro cellular composition bonds with the surface matrix to provide excellent wear resistance.
  • Helps to reduce labor and diamond wear.
  • Induces a high early gloss with excellent distinction of image in lesser steps

SURFACE PREPARATION: Concrete floor should be opened up and ground to a 30/40 metal bond grit level.

MIXING: ECOGUARD Pore Filler is sold in concentrate form to be diluted at a ratio not to exceed 1:9 with potable water. You may adjust the ratio from 1:4 on up to 1:9 depending on surface depressions/damage or porosity. For fissures or depressions that are 5mm in width or depth, dilute at a ratio of 1:2 with potable water. For small pinholes on softer concrete floors with lots of craze cracks, a ratio of 1:4 is normally recommended. For most floor situations with minor pinholes and craze cracks, the ratio of 1:9 works very well.

AVAILABLE IN:  5 Gallon (18.9 L) pails


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