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A spray-applied deep penetrating reactive curing compound, that furthers reduces permeability of the concrete by <95%, and contains an added anti-corrosive to permanently coat and protect embedded steel. It leaves no surface residual to impede adhesion of flooring adhesives of coating, and does not require grinding or bead blasting prior to the installation of such.


INPERVIUS Cure is a uniquely catalyzed colloidal silica concrete curing agent that closely mimics standard water curing, with an added anti-corrosive agent. It is the final step to complete the process of the INPERVIUS system, backed by a "Life of the Concrete" Warranty against moisture emission related flooring and/or coatings failure. INPERVIUS Cure provides concrete with a permanent subsurface, specially formulated colloidal liquid precipitate barrier, eliminating capillary voids, and maximizing C-S-H production. It also provides a permanent anti-corrosive barrier to embedded steel. The combined benefits of INPERVIUS greatly improved cement hydration, and the resulting subsurface moisture blocking properties of INPERVIUS Cure, allow for a greatly reduced rate of initial evaporation, optimizing the rate of cement hydration to a maximum, thereby further increasing concrete’s density and greatly reducing permeability by >95%.

INPERVIUS Cure does not leave any surface residue to interfere with surface bonding properties.


  • Reduce permeability by >95%, thereby arresting excessive moisture emissions permanently.
  • Reduce plastic shrinkage cracks to a negligible level.
  • Reduce curl by >90%.
  • Promote quicker and easier placement – Saves finishing time!.
  • No need for plasticizer or water reducer.
  • Allows for water to cement ratio of up to 0.55, meeting most pumping and placement slump requirements.
  • Increase compressive strength by 10% or more.
  • Increase flexural strength by 8% or more.
  • Non-membrane cure promotes easy flooring and/or coatings installation without additional surface prep.
  • Provides excellent resistance to damage from de-icing salts and freeze-thaw cycles on exterior concrete

AVAILABLE IN:  5 Gallon (18.9 L) pails, 55 gallon (208 L) drums, and 265 gallon tote (1000L)


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