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Stone Transitions Natural Series Stains are water based, breathable, semi-transparent formulations designed to color concrete and masonry structures, while retaining both the texture and the natural characteristics of the surface. Stone Transitions Natural Series Stains are designed using recently developed nano-pigment technology, which allows a higher degree of permeability and color distribution into the substrate due to their fine size and non-settling properties. Stone Transitions Natural Series Stains are pigment based formulation and contain no dyes, thereby exhibiting high resistance to fading from sunlight. Stone Transitions Natural Series Stains contain minimal amounts of volatile petroleum solvents and do not exhibit any objectionable odors, making them safe to use in enclosed, interior applications. Stone Transitions Natural Series Stains contain a higher percentage of a water resistant resin which make them very resistant to wash out or leaching from the substrate with no topcoat sealer needed for durability.

APPLICATIONS: Stone Transitions Natural Series Stains can be used for decorative concrete including vertical (carved or stamped) surfaces, overlays, concrete counter tops, concrete masonry units, stucco, mortar, grout, and most any other Portland based surface. They can be used safely in either indoor or outdoor applications.


  • Formulated as a combination stain and sealer, therefore no additional sealer top coat is required for long term durability
  • Achieve beautiful, mottled stone-like colors and hues along with a natural looking matte finish
  • Exhibit a high degree of color mottling and penetration equal to alternative acid stains without the additional hazards of transport, use and personal protection
  • Can be used to make quick and easy color corrections over existing stains for routine maintenance
  • Contain no light sensitive dyes or additives that will fade over time, making them safe for outdoor applications
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